Debbie Voiles

DSC_0052_optWelcome to Run Tampa! I hope to meet you soon! Of all the great benefits of the Run Tampa community, meeting runners and becoming friends is by far the best part. Run Tampa is a family, and I kind of feel like the mom.

In 2008, I started, and not long after, I hosted the first group run. Already a certified running coach, I soon started coaching and formed the Run Tampa Club.

In 2009, I wrote After Your First 5k and started the Mojo for Running podcast, available on iTunes, and The Mojo podcast was downloaded more than 100,000 times in 2014, in 117 countries, which means I get emails from all over the world, and do you know what I’ve learned? A runner is a runner is a runner, whether it’s a newbie training for that first 5k or an ultra runner training to break the 24 hour barrier, whether a 20-something or a 70-something, we’re all kin. We ‘get’ each other, and we all speak the same language.

In 2013, I started my Walk to Run website and online membership programs on the website.

Some of my most treasured experiences occurred while running alone through the woods, others, while sharing conversation with a clutch of my Run Tampa friends, and still others while racing on city streets with thousands of other runners.

My favorite distance will always be the half, but I still think we need a better name for that. Half just sounds less than whole, hardly an appropriate name.

Register for Newsletter and Group Run InviteI often hear runners say, ‘I’m only doing 5 miles today,’ or ‘I’m only doing the half.’ That drives me crazy. My rule is that the word ‘only’ should never be used in the same sentence with any number of miles. The rule applies to the word ‘just,’ too, as in “I’m just doing five miles this morning.” I always tell the speaker, “Think about it; while you were doing only five miles, most people didn’t even get off the couch.”

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As much as I love to run, it’s even more fun to share in the excitement when members of Run Tampa achieve their personal goals. My coaching, now, is all online via Mojo for Running membership programs. The dynamic duo of Maria Williams and Trixie Taylor have taken over most of the Run Tampa coaching duties. Now I specialize in working with people at the very beginning of their running career. If you’re interested, email

Please check out my two podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher Radio:

Mojo for Running and Beginner Runner Village. Also, I have a Mojo for Running Facebook page. I would love for you to ‘like’ the page and join the conversation.